Saginaw Township To Install Surveillance System, Use Computers To Fight Crime

Saginaw Township trustees.(WSGW News photo by Bill Hewitt)

All Saginaw Township government buildings and athletic fields will soon be monitored by surveillance cameras. Police Chief Don Pussehl says the cameras will be recording around the clock to help solve any criminal activity. The video surveillance will not be monitored but only used to solve a crime of other suspicious activity.

Investigators will be able to zoom in to possibly get a suspect or vehicle photo. Pussehl said the cameras are similar to what a number of businesses in the Saginaw area use. The cameras have helped police solve crimes at that business or a neighboring business.

Saginaw Township trustees are paying a yearly fee to allow its police department to use a records management system though the State Police. Chief Don Pussehl says the records system is used by over 100 police departments across the state because criminals don’t pay attention to arbitrary borders.

Law enforcement agencies use the system to track crime and possibly link crimes in one jurisdiction to another area of Michigan.

The annual user fee is $200 per officer or $8,600 for Saginaw Township.

The records management system was originally developed by the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office about 10-years ago.



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