Saginaw Summer School Rate Doubles During Pandemic

Many parents and students voiced concern on the quality of education received over the course of the pandemic, and numbers now reflect that concern.

As of yesterday’s Saginaw public school district trustee board meeting, nearly twice as many students have been enrolled in the upcoming summer school program than normal according to the board.

569 students have added so far, and Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Mit Foley, says the district will continue to contact students whose grades didn’t make the mark through the first day of summer classes on July 6th.

Dr. Foley gave a break down of students enrolled in the summer program from several schools in the district as of June 16th:

-112 students from Saginaw high school

-119 students from the Saginaw Arts & Science Academy (SASA)

-157 from Arthur Hill high school

-181 from Thompson middle school.

He added that parents of students whose defects were in need of summer programming the most were contacted directly, rather than waiting for voluntary enrollment, and more are still being contacted.

To hear the full Saginaw Public School District Trustee Board Meeting, click Here