Saginaw Prepares for November Election with New Equipment

The City of Saginaw has purchased new equipment ahead of the November elections.

On September 14th, the city accepted a $402,878 grant from the Center for tech and Civic Life; which was approved by city council this week to be used on the purchase of additional precinct tabulators, high speed scanners, and an adjudication module for the tabulating and processing of absentee ballots.

State approval of the absentee voting proposal (2018-03) in 2018 and the current COVID pandemic have caused an increase in residents voting absentee, and City Manager Tim Morales says this has increased the need for equipment to make sure the votes are counted.

He  says the grant is sizable and being managed well by city clerk Janet Santos, and drop-boxes will also be added around the city to help take in absentee votes who cannot make their way to city hall.

Saginaw currently uses two high speed scanners and one adjudication module to handle absentee votes.

A purchase of 36 up-to-date laptops, 16 tablets, and 2 backup tabulators for in-person voting precincts was also approved by council.