After taking a hostage and stabbing a Police K-9 in the head last year, a Saginaw man’s family may be getting a large payout from the city after being shot by police during the altercation.

Police arrived at Zane Blaisdell’s home February 9th, 2020 after a report he had been holding his partner hostage with a knife.

While negotiating the release of the hostage, police sent K-9 ‘Deebo’ into the home.

Blaisdell stabbed Deebo in the head after being bitten, and officers shot him 12 times in response.

County Prosecutors ruled the shooting was justified, declining any criminal charges against the officers; but a wrongful death lawsuit filed in federal court in August against them and the city of Saginaw by Blaisdell’s Aunt.

Mia Blaisdell claimed police knew he had a history of mental illness and should never have sent the Deebo into the home.

Court documents say a tentative settlement has been reached for $510,000 through facilitative mediation, which will need to be approved by Saginaw City Council and a federal judge.