Saginaw Police Address Higher 2020 Crime Rates

Simply put- overall crime in Saginaw was up in 2020 by 20%.

Detective Sergeant Matt Gerow says in a year full of pandemic lock-downs and financial stress, rates going up is not something only Saginaw is seeing, but the entire country.

Reported offenses in 2020 compared to 2019 show Homicides ended up 189%, criminal sexual misconduct was up 127 percent, and assaults finished up 42%

Statistics show Shootings wrapped up at 103 incidents, up from 2019’s 40- resulting in 26 homicides compared to 9 the year earlier.

Gerow says while luckily the crimes aren’t gang related like in 2012 (the last time Saginaw had numbers this high), many offenses seem to stem from pandemic related stress.

The department recently shared it will be setting up a two-officer flexible-shift patrol unit focusing on addressing crime and quality of life issues with residents… to bring down violent crime in hotspots during peak hours across the city.