Saginaw NAACP Holds Community Response at City Hall

More than a hundred people stood in solidarity outside Saginaw City Hall Thursday, while Saginaw’s NAACP Branch gathered to talk about change.

Joined by Police Chiefs Reggie Williams (Buena Vista) and Bob Ruth (Saginaw), Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel, and Pastors Marvin T. Smith (Mount Olive Institutional Missionary Baptist Church), Ronald Frierson (New Covenant Christian Center Church), Hurley Coleman (World Outreach Campus Church), and Chris Pryor (Victorious Believers Ministries); discussion began on what the community should do to put a spotlight on the problem of racial discrimination.

Saginaw residents gathered on City Hall lawn for change (Photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

Saginaw NAACP President, Terry Pruitt, adds one of the best things people can do is hold each other accountable and bringing people to the metaphorical table. He said “If you have an Uncle or someone talking disparagingly about people of other color, you gotta to call him out on it.”

Chief Bob Ruth discussed the possibility of bringing back a citizens advisory committee to the city police department,  and Saginaw NAACP Vice President Carl Williams says the issue is one that if not handled now may not be again for another 50 years.

Pruitt added that while the matter needs to be taken seriously and quickly, he believes change is coming because of the vigilance and diversity of those involved this time around.