Saginaw Man’s Cash Seized in 2021 Returned, Mostly

A Saginaw man who had a large sum of cash seized by law enforcement the Detroit Metro Airport has had most of his money returned.

According to WJRT TV, the man, who is not identified becaue he was never charged with a crime, was traveling from MBS Airport to Detroit with luggage filled with $232,000 in cash in May 2021. The money was discovered in his checked luggage at MBS, but Saginaw authorities let him board the plane.

However, authorities at Detroit’s airport were alerted and the money was seized by the the DEA and FBI and placed with the Wayne County Asset Forfeiture Unit. Due to a change in civil asset forfeiture laws in 2019 and because the man was never charged, he received $185,000 back in a settlement, with Detroit Metro Airport Police Department keeping $47,000.