Saginaw Introduces Ordinance to Form Human Rights Commission

Formation of a Human rights commission in Saginaw has progressed to a final vote after an approved ordinance introduction by city council.

Tasked with advocating for the rights of all classes of people protected by federal and state anti-discrimination laws; the 5-member human rights commission will work alongside council and other city administrators to help create policies supporting those groups, develop educational community programs, and review discrimination complaints.

Drafted originally by Saginaw city councilwoman Annie Boensch, the new commission would advocate for the rights of all races, religions, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, and other protected classes.

A version of the rights commission previously existed in Saginaw, but was drawn back since it was not formally attached to a city ordinance.

Boensch says the group will be sticking around this time with it being introduced via ordinance, giving residents more resources to protect their rights.

She adds while it’ll leave any adjudication to the state and court systems, it will help stick-up-for and educate Saginaw’s diverse population.

In addition to the recent commission ordinance introduction, the City also unanimously passed a resolution earlier this year encouraging residents, businesses, and lawmakers to show support for the LGBTQ community by implementing non-discriminatory policies.

A Final ordinance approval vote and group formation approval will be held at council’s next gathering on December 6th, with group appointments anticipated early next year.