Saginaw Exchange Club Honors Local Law Enforcement Officers

The Saginaw Exchange Club has once again honored law enforcement personnel from local police agencies at its annual Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Program.

Exchange Club President John Milne says the police chiefs at the event are showing off their future and current leaders- people who stand to be their future Sergeants, Lieutenants, and even Chiefs.

He says as the tough environment for law enforcement officers continues, these leaders need to be reinforced by their community.

MC’d by Exchange club member and former Saginaw Township Police chief Don Pussehl, this year’s recognition awards were granted to personnel representing City of Saginaw, Saginaw Township, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, BAYANET, Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory, Michigan State Police Tri-City Post, Saginaw County Police Chiefs’ Association, and the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department.

Saginaw Township Police Chief Scott Malace, Officer Brandon Wilson, STPD; Detective Philip Graves Saginaw Police Department; Chief Bob Ruth, SPD (Photo, 5-3-2022 – Ric Antonio; WSGW)

This year’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year recipients include:

-Detective Phil Graves, Saginaw Police

-Officer Brandon Wilson, Saginaw Township Police Department

-Detective Ryan North, Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department

-Derek Smith with the Thomas Township Police (recognized as part of the Saginaw County Police Chiefs Association)

-Sandra Reno, Bridgeport Michigan State Police Crime Lab

-Trooper Neil Somers, Michigan State Police Tri-City Post

-Agent Anthony Kraudelt, FBI

-Detective Mitchell Eddy, Midland Police (recognized as part of BAYANET)