Saginaw Details How ARPA Funds Spent, Continues Planning for the Rest

The Saginaw City Council met Friday morning to touch base with staff and consultants on the status of the city’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) expenditures.

The meeting started with a presentation by Guidehouse consultant David Sernick recapping how much had been allocated of the $52 million.

“Housing blight, total allocated was $10.875 (million), then food security had $2 million … then in health, 42.5 (million)…”

Sernick said with those totals added to the city’s lost revenue allocation and pending proposals for youth and workforce development, the City will have roughly $1.5 million remaining to be spent. He says that housing revitalization and blight removal programs are already in progress, including the City’s Home Rehab Program.

Additionally, a study ordered by the city to work on Saginaw’s food desert is in its early stages, and details on a $5 million expenditure towards a new Behavioral Health Clinic are still being worked out with the County.