Saginaw County Veterans, Community Celebrate Veterans Day in Hoyt Park

A Veterans Day celebration was held at the Saginaw County Veterans Morial Plaza in Saginaw’s Hoyt Park Friday morning.

Members from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and community members were in attendance. The celebration was in honor of those who have served and answered the country’s call to military service since its founding.

Memorial Plaza president, Marine Corps veteran and Saginaw firefighter Chedrick Greene also recognized the veterans organizations who provide services and support to those who have served. These include the VFW, the American Legion, Purple Heart Association and the Disabled Veterans Association.

“Love what they stand for, what their organizations stand for: for helping our service members get services they may not have received in the past, but they get now, today, and into the future.”

Greene says the day is ulitmately about showing gratitude, not only among veterans with each other, but from their communites and the nation as well.

Greene was also presented a Certificate of Accomodation for his public service as a firefighter by the American Legion Post 312.