Saginaw County Road Commission Inspects Trucks, Stocks Salt Ahead of Cold Weather

Throughout the day Thursday, Saginaw County’s road commission is prepping its vehicles to spread one white powder ahead of the colder arrival of another.

A number of mechanic teams, and County road commission lead mechanic Mike Judd, will be visiting the Saginaw, Hemlock, and Chesaning salt garages as part of this year’s ‘Pumpkin parade.’

The orange trucks seen clearing wintertime roadways will be tested to make sure they’re in tip-top shape to drive, throw salt, and remove snow to provide safe driving conditions for residents, visitors, and passing travelers this year.

(Photo courtesy of the Saginaw County Road Commission; Facebook)

All three garages have been stocked with salt ahead of the upcoming ice-meting season.

Notated photos shared by the commission showed the Saginaw garage currently sitting with 8,500 tons of road salt, the Chesaning garage loaded with just over 1,350 tons, and Hemlock’s garage stocked with 1250.

Included in the Facebook post with the photos was a list, tallying a number of road commission projects around the county ahead of this weekend’s Halloween activities.