Saginaw County Road Commission Awarded for Innovation

The Saginaw County Road Commission was recognized in March by the County Road Association with an IMPRESS Award at its annual Highway Conference.

IMPRESS Awards recognize county road agencies that demonstrate innovation on notable projects in the categories of Communication, Operations and Collaboration. This year, the commission received the award in Operations for its “All-In-One Reclaimer” project. In March of 2020, Saginaw County Road Commission Grader Operator Matt Duensing, a 32-year veteran employee, came up with an idea to free manpower for his district. Duensing and some co-workers built an device called the “All-In-One Reclaimer”. The device is a one-man shoulder grader where a reclaimer disc, belly blade and broom are attached to a grader, allowing shoulder work to be done in one pass on the road, where it took previously took three.

An independent panel of communications and operations experts from several of Michigan’s 83 county road agencies judged all IMPRESS Awards submissions. Award recipients were honored for projects that solved time constraints, labor costs, communication barriers and fostered collaboration.