Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office Unhappy With City Council Member’s Conduct in Assault Case

A Saginaw man claiming to defend his home and property will be charged with assault for attacking a Saginaw City Councilman.

On August 29, Councilman Michael Flores took a shortcut cross the yard of Diana Gains and Walt Curley while walking to his home on Mason Street. After an exchange where Curley told Flores to leave the property, Flores allegedly tried entering Curley’s home, when Curley reportedly hit him, then retrieved a baseball bat and hit him again in the leg after another exchange.

Curley was arrested but no charges were filed initially before the Saginaw County Prosecutor’s office had time to review the case. A formal arraignment has yet to occur. The prosecutor’s office has released a statement saying while violence is not the way to resolve conflict, it also isn’t pleased with Flores’ conduct in the incident either.