Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission Getting New Digs

The Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission is making a move to Buena Vista Township.

Last Tuesday, the County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase and renovation of a 20-acre property that formerly housed administration and bussing services for Buena Vista schools to serve as the new mosquito control facility as they move away from Saginaw’s riverfront to make way for the new Saginaw United High School.

Mosquito Abatement Commission Director Bill Stanuszek says the new property will fulfill a variety of needs for the agency.

“There’s three buildings out there. There’s an admin building, and believe it or not, everyone needs administration. Then, of course, we have operation buildings where we’re going to store our products and run our fleets through, do some fueling. And then, of course, with a fleet our size and a variety of equipment we have, we’ll have a mechanic and garage services out there, too. ”

Saginaw County has allocated $7.6 million for the renovations. Stanuszek says the new location will allow the agency to grow, as well as give them the space needed to run tests and quality control on products.