Saginaw County Medical Examiner Fired, County Looks to Change Outsourced Contract

The medical examiner for Saginaw County has been fired by the private company the county uses to outsource the position.

The Michigan Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine, which provides medical examiner services to six counties in the state, terminated the employment of Doctor Russell Bush.

Dr. Bush was fired last week, and, in part because of his dismissal, the Saginaw County County of Board of Commissioners Executive Committee voted to recommend ending their relationship with the company

The Institute has not provided a reason for letting Dr. Bush go, however, the county will be retaining his services despite his firing.

A new medical examiner has been appointed by the institute, and even though the County is looking to end the contract, CEO of the private company, Brian Hart, believes the contract will remain in place

Hart also released a statement on the matter, saying “we believe the change will improve the quality of death investigations, expediency of which bodies are removed from the scene, and timeliness with which death certificates, cremation permits, and autopsy reports are completed.”

A vote between the entire board to end the relationship will take place at a December meeting.

Outsourcing of the medical examiner’s office by the County was done as way to make the office more efficient, save money, and help law enforcement with criminal investigations despite being understaffed.