Saginaw County Health Dept. Gives Online COVID-19 Update

The Saginaw County Health Department gave an update on COVID-19 via Zoom teleconference on Facebook Wednesday, covering topics such as contact tracing. Public Health Officer Christina Harrington said when someone tests positive for COVID-19, their contacts are traced
to try and limit the spread of the virus, something that’s done with other communicable diseases as well.

Joining Harrington and Saginaw County Health Dept. Medical Director Dr. Delicia Pruitt, was Pruitt’s mother,  former Saginaw Mayor and current school board member Joyce Seals, who recently spent 14 days in quarantine after coming in contact with a relative who had COVID-19.  She said as someone over 70 with health issues, she had been very cautious before the exposure, but wasn’t wearing the mask and
gloves she had with her at the time. She says she went right home to her bedroom, where she stayed for two weeks.

Seals said being in quarantine was very difficult at first. She said she had to establish a routine of getting up and dressed as if she were going out, spiritual time, plenty of things to read, television and her Kuerig machine placed just outside her bedroom door.  She did not develop any COVID-19 symptoms.

Dr. Pruitt said during the teleconference that Saginaw County health care providers have been advised on recommended new procedures and social distancing they need to establish to resume seeing patients and scheduling elective procedures. She said the virus is likely to be present for some time, so it will be necessary to establish a new normal with social distancing and other precautions.