Saginaw County Health Department Announces Online COVID-19 Vaccination Registration for Independent Healthcare Facilities and Critical Infrastructure Businesses

The Saginaw County Health Department now has an online COVID-19 vaccine registration form available for non-hospital affiliated health facilities that fall under Phase 1A/Priority Three:

  • Group A – Workers with direct patient contact who conduct high risk procedures (e.g. dentists, endoscopy, dialysis)
  • Group B – Outpatient, urgent care, ambulatory care, and home health care
  • Group C – Workers who have indirect patient contact with specialized skills critical to health care system (e.g. laboratories, pharmacies)


The registration form is available at or by clicking here. This is for independent, non-hospital affiliated facilities and practices. Healthcare worker who are employed or have privileges at one of our health systems will be vaccinated there.

“This will be a large group,” says Christina Harrington, MPH, health officer. “We anticipate our community will need 3-4 weeks to complete this part of Phase 1A. Saginaw County is much larger than surrounding counties like Midland and Bay. Our medical infrastructure includes not one but four hospitals and a wide variety of independent outpatient practices and facilities.”

Still, the health department is already planning for Phase 1B, for adults age 75+ and essential workers. The online registration form is also extended to businesses that employ essential workers who keep critical infrastructure open and functioning. This includes:


  • K-12 school and childcare staff with direct contact with children
  • Workers in 16 sectors of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program including chemical, communications, dams, emergency services, financial services, government facilities, information technology, transportation systems, energy, food and agriculture, health and public health, nuclear reactors, materials and waste, water and wastewater systems
  • Homeless shelters, corrections facilities, congregate childcare institutions, adult and child protective services
  • Non-hospital labs and mortuary services


The registration form is available at or by clicking here.

At this time, the health department is not yet taking registrations for individuals 75+. This WILL come soon as a separate process.

The health department is asking that essential workers refrain from registering individually at this time. Instead, the business (and one main contact) should fill out the registration form for that business. Once this is complete, a staff member from the health department will follow up with necessary paperwork, scheduling information, and vaccination location based on vaccine availability.

“Remember, essential workers (Phase 1B) will not be vaccinated until after Phase 1A is completed in our county,” Harrington notes.