Saginaw County Boil Water Advisory Lifted

A boil water advisory for Albee, Bridgeport, Buena Vista, and Taymouth Townships has been lifted, following a loss in pressure at the Saginaw Water Treatment Plant on Sunday.

Around 7:00am the Saginaw Water Treatment Plant’s High Service Pump Station reported a a low pressure event which may have caused contamination to water provided to the affected townships.

Water Treatment Staff quickly reported the issue and had it resolved within several minutes.

The low pressure event was reported to the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), which recommended the Boil water advisory.

In a joint statement by the Townships, they advise anyone with questions to contact their respective township office rather than the Treatment center or the City of Saginaw, and provided several  phone numbers:

Albee Township at (989-737-1969)

Bridgeport Township at (989-777-0974)

Buena Vista Township (989-754-6536)

Taymouth Township at (989-295-2142)

In a release by the City of Saginaw, the city says it cannot make statements on the Boil Water Advisories since they do not have direct knowledge of the operations and conitions of the other communties’ water systems.