Saginaw County Amnesty Program Ends April 30

Saginaw County’s 70th Judicial District Court judge Terry Clark is reminding residents of the ongoing amnesty program will soon come to a close.

The program offered those County residents with outstanding warrants for failure to pay fines and costs that have been assessed on misdemeanor cases, traffic ticket and civil infractions a unique amnesty opportunity. Through April 30, the Court will allow all residents an opportunity to resolve those issues that are past due without any additional penalties. Judges will waive bench warrant costs and late fees for those who qualify once the original amount is paid in full.

Mandatory State Fees and Secretary of State Clearance Card Fees will not be waived. During the amnesty period, people will still be arrested on outstanding warrants for failure to pay fines and costs which have been assessed. To find out your balances and the types of payments that are accepted, contact the Court’s Criminal Division at (989) 790-5385 or the Traffic Division at (989) 790-5390. Personal checks are not accepted.

If you have a bench warrant, you must appear in person.