Saginaw City Council Vows More Civility During Mettings

Saginaw City Council approved a Civility pledge earlier this week, after debating language of it during what stretched to be a 4 hour meeting.

The pledge proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Michael Balls is aimed at returning the group to a civil and respectful quorum after months of arguing and disagreement on how to best use the city’s $52 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds.

The original proposal was postponed by councilman Michael Flores, who submitted a rewitten pledge after a disagreement on civility via electronic means and who the pledge encompases on city staff. Councilwoman Autumn Scherzer and Mayor Pro Tem Balls both say the group needs to quit bickering about small items like this and focus on the city’s bigger issues.

Despite the delay, Council agreed to the pledge as originally written.