Saginaw City Council Members Reject An Effort To Refuse A Pay Increase

For the first time since 1982, Saginaw City Council members are getting a raise.

Saginaw Mayor Dennis Browning says the $1,600 salary is the lowest in the Great Lakes Bay Region.
He compares it to the $6,000 annual salary for a city commissioner in Bay City and the $18,000 average yearly compensation paid to a Saginaw County Commisioner.

Councilman John Humphreys was unable to get support for his motion Monday night, to reject the raise from $45 to $65 per meeting, recommended by a citizen panel. He said there was a lack of transparency since the pay raise was automatic unless the Saginaw City Council voted to reject it.

The compensation committee eliminated a mileage reimbursement to council members.

The pay increase will start with the November 20th council session.



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