Saginaw City Council Hears Update on Medical Diamond and Possible CMU College of Medicine Move

Saginaw’s Medical Diamond project is building momentum with support from some major stakeholders in the region.

So far, over $43 million has been allocated by local, state, and federal governments to develop a comprehensive medical facility in Downtown Saginaw.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Saginaw Future Vice President Tom Miller Jr. said that in addition to being a location for healthcare, the new facility will provide a place for educating future medical professionals through CMU.

“Central Michigan University Board of Trustees passed a pretty important resolution supporting the development of the Saginaw Medical Diamond project and our efforts to raise $200 million to create and consolidate the College of Medicine in the city of Saginaw,” said Miller.

The resolution as presented during Miller’s update reads as follows:

“BE IT RESOLVED that the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees authorizes the President or his designee to act on behalf of CMU in developing and implementing a new structure aligning CMU’s Undergraduate Medical Education (CMED) and Graduate Medical Education (CMEP) under a CMU-controlled and unified entity by July 1, 2025; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President or designee will represent CMU at the Saginaw Medical Diamond project with the intent of supporting the project’s efforts in their raising 200 million dollars by December 31, 2025, with the strategic vision to combine all four years of CMU Medical Education in a new CMU Medical Saginaw facility.”

Miller says the project will necessitate the development of housing, retail, dining, and other services, driving further economic and population growth in the area.