Saginaw Career Complex Students Recognized for Growth in Skilled Trades Programs

Two students from the Saginaw Career Complex are being recognized for their hard work.

Nick Schepich, in the school’s welding program, and Sam Dittmar, with the auto collision repair program, spoke before the Saginaw public school board as part of Career & Technical Education (CTE) month and Skills USA week.

Both say that during their time at SCC, 30% of their day consists of book work and earning their OSHA certification; leaving the other 70% to hands-on work.

The two shared their progress and growth as young professionals, including accomplishments from work in state competitions and numerous skilled trade job offers stemming from work-study experience.

SCC principal Josh Little says the young men are two out of three students representing Michigan as state officers for Skills USA events at the state and national levels- allowing them to organize state events, learn from local and federal legislators, and represent Michigan at Skills USA events in Washington.

For the full discussion with Schepich and Dittmar at this week’s board meeting, you can visit the Live section of the Saginaw Public Schools Facebook page.

For more information on Skills USA or Career & Technical Education month, you can follow provided links to their websites.