Saginaw ARPA Advisory Committee Releases Funding Recommendation Report

Saginaw’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Advisory Committee has published its recommendations on how the city should spend $25 million of the $52 million received from the federal government. The committee was comprised of non-profit leaders, Saginaw Valley State educators, healthcare administrators, religious leaders, and community health advocates.

The committee’s recommendations prioritized childcare and youth development with an investment of $10 million, with another $5 million recommended for the creation of a Saginaw Behavioral Health Clinic. Also included in the report were funds for Housing Revitalization, Grocery Store Investments, and Park Improvements among other things.

Guidehouse Consultants will present the plan to city council, which has final approval,  at their Aug. 29 meeting. The council is not expected to make any funding decisions at that session, but will review the information and begin to make funding decisions in the near future. Applicants will be contacted once funding decisions are finalized and approved by City Council.

“The advice and guidance of each ARPA Committee member has been critical throughout this process. I want to thank each member for their hard work and commitment to review the high volume of proposals and provide the recommendations contained in this report. I know a lot of thought went into this process. It is now the job of City Council to review the funding recommendations and begin to make final funding
decisions,” said Saginaw Mayor Brenda Moore.

The ARPA Committee recommendations can be viewed on the City of Saginaw website:

Saginaw City Council (Photo by Ric Antonio, WSGW)