Officer Glen Hill (Saginaw Township PD) accepting Officer of the Year (photo by Ric Antonio)

Eight law enforcement agencies and officers in the Saginaw area were recognized for all they do in the line of duty by the Saginaw Exchange Club Tuesday, April 9 at the Saginaw Club at 219 N. Washington. The club, a local community service organization around since 1911, has been recognizing area police and firefighters annually.

Officers from the Michigan State Police Crime Lab of Bridgeport; the state police Tri-City post; the Saginaw, Saginaw Township, and Thomas Township Police departments; the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department; and officers from local FBI and BAYANET branches were all seen for the hard work they have done during 2018 and so far in 2019 .

Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Addison Burton accepting Officer of the Year

Honored as Officer of the Year, nominees were suggested by members of their departments and each had a hand in cases or programs helping the area grow. Many of the nominees communicate with each other regularly and cited the January 22 shooting of Saginaw Township Officer Jeff Koenig as something that not only unified the departments, but the Saginaw community.

Agencies & Recipients

Saginaw Township Police Department – Officer Glen Hill

MSP Crime Laboratory – Bridgeport Detective Sergeant John Kellerman

Saginaw Police Department – Officer Terrance Moore

Michigan State Police Tri-City PostDetective Sergeant Christopher Siegert

Saginaw County Sheriff Department – Deputy Addison Burton

Thomas Township Police Department – Chief Steven Kocsis

BAYANET – Detective Brandon Wilson (Saginaw Twp PD)

FBI – Agent Troy Wohlfert

Saginaw Police Officer Terrance Moore accepting his Officer of the Year award, and announcing he’s engaged with a wedding this summer (photo by Ric Antonio)