Saginaw And Other Cities See Crime Climb In Covid Era

This is a News Release Issue Friday by the City of Saginaw:

In the wake of rising violent crimes and homicides in the City of Saginaw, the City of Saginaw would like to provide the following statement on this rise in violence and implore the community’s help.
The City of Saginaw is now at 21 homicides for the year. This year violent crime is up all
across the United States and Michigan in major cities. The City of Saginaw believes the
increase in violence can be traced back to a number of factors, including ramifications of the
global pandemic. Issues, including unemployment, housing instability, no in-person school,
no athletics, and no extracurricular activities all contribute to increases in violent crime. There
are several unique situations taking place all at one time.
The City of Saginaw Police Department, in partnership with the Michigan State Police and
other law enforcement agencies, remains focused on preventing and solving these crimes,
and prosecuting offenders. Law enforcement is making progress on many of these cases.
We are making arrests and getting guns off the street.
Saginaw Police Chief Robert Ruth provided the following statement on the increase in
violent crimes, “I have had several conversations with the Chiefs of other large cities in
Michigan and the Department of Justice in reference to this subject. Everyone has the same
issues with increases in violent crime. All police agencies are trying to find ways to combat
these evil circumstances arising in our cities and we continue to share ideas to help end this

Chief Ruth stated the SPD is closely monitoring gang activity and for retaliation claims
and threats. The department is also increasing police patrols in gun violence ‘hot spots’
around the community. The SPD has implemented programs such as Project Safe
Neighborhoods Detail (PSN) to eliminate gang activity and check on parolees to make sure
they are in compliance from 5pm to midnight.
PSN is a multi-jurisdiction team of approximately 30 officers from the SPD and other
agencies such as the Michigan State Police, Saginaw Sheriff’s Department, FBI, and the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives working with Michigan Department of
Corrections to keep guns off the streets of our city. The Michigan State Police have also
increased the number of MSP Troopers working in the City of Saginaw.
Mayor Brenda F. Moore commented on the increase in violent crimes, “The City of
Saginaw has worked diligently in recent years to lower crime and improve the quality of life in
our city. To now see this rise in crime is distressing and heartbreaking. My heart aches for
each victim and their friends and family. The loss of a life, especially a young one, is a tragedy
for all of us. I’m imploring our young people to make a change. Please put the guns down. I
will continue to work with and support the Police Chief and the City Administration to insure
we do all that we can to address this violence in our city.”
Police Chief Ruth stated the Saginaw Police Department is committed to reversing the
trend in violent crimes. “Our police force is actively engaged every single day in finding
perpetrators of violence and getting them off the street. We will continue this focus and
building partnerships with state and federal agencies to reduce crime and the fear of crime in
Saginaw Police would also like to take an opportunity to implore our residents to avoid
participating in unsanctioned house parties as they continue to end in tragedy. Anyone with
information on criminal activity is urged to contact CRIME STOPPERS @ 1-800-422-5245.