Saginaw Adopts New Master Plan

At Monday night’s Saginaw City Council Meeting, the council voted to adopt the 2022 Master Plan. The adoption of the plan was delayed after the City Planning Commission voted on a 60-day extension to allow for the public to give further comment earlier this year.

The Saginaw Community Alliance for the People (CAP) opposed parts of the draft, including the proposed rezoning of an area of the city’s Northeast side as “Light Industrial.”

“We are not necessarily against the master plan,” said CAP member Denita Dorsey, “We believe there should be more community engagement on the Northeast side of town, where they are talking about doing some rezoning things that would affect the residents that live over there.”

During Monday evening’s city council meeting, the plan was adopted by a 7-2 vote, with Councilwoman Lamar-Silvia and Councilman Flores opposing its adoption.

Speaking on the new Master Plan, Saginaw Urban Planner Robert Gollin said, “It’s very flexible in the sense that that’s part of the plan. We have to meet with various community groups and things like that to identify what things they want to happen.”