Doors at Roots Marijuana Provisioning Center opened at 9am Friday with lines of people waiting for recreational marijuana stretching out the door into the evening.

With hundreds of people expected to visit over the course of the day, The Taste of Bay City was invited and provided free tacos for those who came to purchase marijuana.

Awsem Zbair, Customer Service and Events Coordinator for Pharmaco Inc., says recreational sales have been something Roots was able to start to do fairly quickly after state approval for Medical Marijuana shops to also sell for recreation.

Other locations in the area are preparing to open recreational sales too, but Zbair says with Roots being the first to open in the area, he wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out of product over the weekend.

Nick, a Roots Crew-member since April, says he’s just glad to be able to teach people about the different types of marijuana available and how to properly use it.

The store can be found at 3557 Wilder Rd. in Bangor Twp, and can be followed on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

A tweet by the center’s Twitter page states that even with recreational sales beginning, Medical clientele will still be a priority.