New England Patriots and team owner Robert Kraft surprised Massachusetts high school football player McKenzie Quinn with a gift after she became the first girl to score a touchdown in her school’s 125-year history.

Quinn, a senior at Brockton High School, made the history-making score on Oct. 7 when in the third quarter of the game, she rushed in for a four-yard touchdown against Dartmouth, her first in a varsity game. The team went on to beat the opposing squad, 50-7.

News of her big moment caught the attention of the Patriots, who sent over a football that contained a note from Kraft. 

“To the Mighty Quinn, A pat in the back to you and all who contributed to your historic TD! We love to see that you are having a ball pursuing your passions. Continued success. The Patriots are rooting for you! ‘We are all Patriots,'” Kraft wrote. 

A Twitter account from Brockton Public Schools, the district that oversees Quinn’s school, thanked him for the gesture. 

“McKenzie was deeply honored and surprised to receive this gift from you. We appreciate you and the Patriots for all of your support!” the tweet read. 

After her history-making run into the end zone, she told Boston 25 that she has always considered herself to be “gritty” and “down in the dirt playing around like I work on a farm.” Quinn even switched to football from lacrosse after the latter sport turned contactless. She also hoped other girls will also have a moment like her. 

“I think I’ve taken the first step. I think that a lot of it will definitely be left up to the next girls who will take the mantle,” she told the local station. She reportedly is also thriving a student, leading her class of more than 800 students with a 5.0 GPA. 

Brockton High School, which has more than 3,900 students, started its varsity football program in 1897.