Rihanna is still riding high after her daring — and revelatory — Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The pop star saw a 390% boost in song sales, according to Luminate. Her catalog also saw a 140% surge in on-demand streams in the U.S., the data firm said.

Rihanna’s performance, widely praised on social media, featured a mash-up of 12 hits from her vast catalog of music —at times delivered from high-floating platforms above the football field. The star lit up Arizona’s State Farm Stadium in a custom red jumpsuit that highlighted another of the show’s much-discussed aspects: the revelation that she was pregnant with her second child. 

Luminate, which provides the data used by Billboard for their hit charts, showed that on the day of the halftime show and the day after, U.S. on-demand streams for Rihanna’s music increased to 62.2 million, from just 25.8 million on the two days prior.

Rihanna performs at halftime during Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, February 12th, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

Adam Bow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Streams of Rihanna’s music also increased in advance of game day, as listeners re-familiarized themselves with her discography, which spans eight studio albums — all certified platinum and multi-platinum. 

The most-streamed song the singer performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show was “Umbrella,” with 3.8 million official on-demand streams on Sunday and Monday — up 177% compared to the previous two days — followed by “Diamonds,” with 3.2 million total streams.

The singer’s entire setlist got new traction, with the 12 songs performed at the Big Game selling 27,000 downloads on Sunday and Monday, up 976% from two days earlier. Her digital album sales also increased 301%, according to Luminate data published in Forbes.

The singer also reached number one in the Global Artist Ranking on Wednesday for the third consecutive day, according to iTunes data from Kworb.net

Rihanna is worth an estimated $1.4 billion, which makes her the world’s wealthiest musician, and the world’s second-most wealthy female entertainer after Oprah Winfrey, according to Forbes magazine. 

The singer’s halftime show was highly anticipated as it had been nearly seven years since she’d last performed on stage, and she has not released an album since 2016’s “Anti.” 

But the pop star has not been exactly on “break” — in fact, the past few years have seen her fashion and make-up brands reach impressive levels of success. 

Fenty Beauty generated more than $550 million in sales in 2020, according to Forbes, and her lingerie company, Savage x Fenty — of which she owns a 30% stake — had a $1 billion valuation in early 2021.