Ride an Electric Scooter Through Downtown Midland
Digital Mitten CEO, Jeff DeHaven, showing off the new Bird scooter (Left) , along side his personal e-scooter (right). (Photo credit- Jeff DeHaven, Digital Mitten)

Bird electric scooters have arrived in Midland.

Starting Monday, April 4, residents will be able to take the electric scooters, by Bird Rides, Inc., out for a spin. The scooters will be located mostly in the Downtown district of Midland and on the campus of Northwood University. Anyone interested in taking a ride can simply scan the QR code found on the top of the scooter. It’s one dollar to unlock the scooter and between 10 – 15 cents per minute to ride.

A single charge of the scooter’s battery is enough for a maximum distance of 20 – 30 miles, or roughly two to three hours of driving time. The scooters travel at about 15 – 25 miles an hour. Riders can simply leave a scooter once they reach their destination allowing others to ride from where they left off.