Rep. Beson Applauds Funding for Veterans, Police, in State Budget

With passing of the state budget in Michigan’s House of Representatives, Bay County veterans are expected to receive some additional funding.

Senate Bill 82 allocates $300,000 to support the proposed Bay Area Veterans Workshop and Learning Center. Once up and running, the center will serve as a community where former service members can gain skills and knowledge, and opportunities to build in the workshop will provide a therapeutic, creative outlet for veterans.

The budget also deposits $500,000 to support the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument. Dedicated in 2019 near the state Capitol, the monument lists the names of state and local law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. The law that created the memorial provided for the dissolution of the monument commission, but State Rep. Timmy Beson introduced a plan in May to keep the commission and authorize it to maintain the monument. The appropriation will help with upkeep of the memorial.