“Reopen Bay County” Website Launched to Assist Business Post-Quarantine

Bay County has partnered with the Bay County Chamber of Commerce and Bay Future, Inc. to launch ReopenBayCounty – a website geared directly to the business community full of resources for businesses to reopen and re-engage with the public.

“The information found on ReopenBayCounty will give businesses the tools to protect their staff and their customers as they reopen during this very difficult time. It is intended to assist the business leaders as they make important decisions regarding their business”, said County Executive Jim Barcia. “We find it imperative that our businesses here in Bay County have the best information available in an easy to navigate forum.” You can find this website at www.reopenbaycounty.com.

The ReopenBayCounty website has 4 main components:

1. A welcome page with a letter to the Business Community from Bay County Executive Jim Barcia.
2. Health Resources and Safety Guidelines – this includes a checklist to provide guidance for reopening,
preparedness and response plan templates to be edited by the specific business, and a plethora of links
broken down by general information as well as industry specific information.
3. Personal Protection Equipment – Links to information on sources of PPE including local Michigan
4. Support and Events – Events put on by the Bay Area Chamber or other entities via electronic means.