Regional Chambers Meet to Recognize Needs and Honor Community Investment

Chamber of commerce leaders from Saginaw, Bay, Midland, and Isabella counties gathered at the Great Hall in Midland to share their goals coming out of the pandemic.

Joining as part of the 10th annual Great Lakes Bay Regional Chamber Summit, Saginaw chamber president Veronica Horn says common objectives the counties share, like infrastructure improvements and talent acquisition and retention, often affect each other and were highlighted both during and following pandemic restrictions.

Tony Stamas with the Midland Business alliance says the input by others is reflective of needs put into the spotlight by the pandemic and agreed with Horn on  matters important to the area, adding a focus on the increased importance of the expansion of access to broadband internet.


This year’s Quality of Life award was granted to Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! as many seek a return to the workforce.

Phil Eich, from Full Steam Social Media, and Jon Lynch, representing Three Rivers Corporation, each received small and large business of the year honors respectively.

J.W. Fisher earned individual of the year for repair work done following last year’s dam failures as well as maintaining a focus on employee mental health.

Retiring Michigan Chamber of commerce president Rich Studley was also recognized ahead of the keynote address for his nearly 40-years combined work and with the State chamber.

It’s estimated more than 500 people were in attendance for what many of the attending chambers called their first indoor celebration since March of 2020.