Public Safety Director Placed On Leave

Bay City Director of Public Safety has been placed on administrative leave following a citizen complaint. In a statement issued Sunday evening by City Manager Dana Muscott, city officials announced the move, but did not name Public Safety Director Michael Cecchini directly or release details about the complaint.
The statement reads:”The City has received a citizen complaint concerning the Director of Public Safety. The City will be cooperating with the Michigan State Police on any investigation they may undertake. In addition, the City has placed the Director on administrative leave, per City policy, while the investigation is conducted and will be referring this matter for an independent review.”
A video circulating on social media shows Cecchini getting into a verbal confrontation with a teenager Saturday night after a group of teens were riding scooters apparently squealing tires outside Cecchini’s apartment at Uptown. Cecchini can be heard telling one teen he was disturbing the peace and he was going to take him to jail. The teen claims Cecchini poked him in the chest with a flashlight. Cecchini was wearing a t-shirt with he word police across the back. He is heard on the video on his cell phone calling for police backup.
Cecchini oversees both the city police and fire departments.