President Trump and Russia


There are several items regarding relationships involving President Trump, the United States, Vladimir Putin, and Russia.   President Trump’s possible business dealings, the intelligence situation, and election tampering are examples of stories being reported.

President Trump dismisses these stories of having any concern.   Opponents disagree.

POLL QUESTION:   What is your response about President Trump and any ties to Russia?   (click here to cast your vote and earn 1000 WSGW points)
– I don’t think there is anything to be concerned about
– I’m paying attention, but not too concerned
– I’m somewhat concerned, but I don’t think there is anything too controversial
– I’m very concerned and want more investigations
– I don’t know


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– No, it should be full time as it is now – 13%
– Yes, I would favor a part time legislature in any form – 68%
– I would favor part time, but only if term limits were extended – 13%
– I’m Not Sure – 6%



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