Preliminary Hearing Postponed for Man Accused Running Over Victim With His Truck

An Isabella County man accused of murder and attempted murder has had his preliminary hearing delayed.

54-year-old Allen Sprague of Lake, initially accused of reckless driving causing death, now faces the other charges as the investigation into the case has brought forth additional evidence. Sprague is accused of chasing down two men riding dirt bikes with his truck and running one of them over. Police say the incident happened October 25 when Dylon Andras and Ted Treloar were riding their bikes around Sprague’s property while he and his girlfriend were at the home, who say they heard something hitting the house. The girlfriend had previously been in a relationship with Andras, according to police.

Police say Sprague got into his truck and followed the dirt bike tracks to where the two men were riding them in the 7000 block of West Stevenson Lake Road in Coldwater Township and ran over Andras, then chased down Treloar, who managed to get to a friend’s house.

Sprague is now charged with open murder and attempted murder. His hearing has been moved from December 28 to January 10.