Michigan Police to Step up Speed Enforcement

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are partnering in a new campaign titled “Great Lakes, High Stakes.” Dozens of law enforcement agencies across the state will be increasing their enforcement of speed limits in an effort to reduce the number of speeding-related crashes and fatalities, both of which have increased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic.

In 2021, the number of traffic crashes rose from 245,432 in 2020 to 282,640 in 2021, a difference of 15%. Alicia Sledge, interim director of the OHSP, urges drivers to slow down, stating,

“Speeding continues to be a critical issue in Michigan that leads to many needless crashes, serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways,”

The “Great Lakes, High Stakes” campaign begins June 8th and runs until June 26th. Officials hope that the increased enforcement during this time will help to reduce speeding year-round.