Police are asking the public for help in their search for a missing Brookfield, Massachusetts woman, CBS Boston reports.

Brittany Tee, 35, was last seen Tuesday night leaving her boyfriend’s house, authorities said. She was reported missing Friday. 

Local and State Police searched the neighborhood of Tee’s boyfriend for clues on Sunday. Police dogs tried to pick up a scent in nearby woods and a drone scoured the area from above. 

A group of Tee’s friends gathered at the police department to join the search, but investigators feared they might unintentionally trample important evidence. 

“I know the urge is out there to go and help in the search right now but we’re asking that you please not do that now,” said Brookfield Police Cheif Michael Blanchard.

But Worcester County District Attorney D.A. Joseph Early Jr. asked Brookfield residents for a different kind of help. “Anyone with any media, any cameras at their home, check it. Check your cameras, see if you have anything at all,” he said. 

Police were to resume their search Monday morning.   

Brittany is 5’6″, 120 pounds, and was last seen wearing a black winter coat, jeans, and work boots. 

Family and friends said she’s never been gone for this long without contacting loved ones. 

Friends told CBS Boston Tee’s car was found at her boyfriend’s house. Her phone was last pinged near the Brookfield State Police barracks.