Two people were arrested Thursday, April 11 after a report of a breaking and entering in Bay County’s Monitor Township.

State police troopers responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle on Goetz Ct. near Salzburg Ave. around 4:25 a.m. The caller reported two people walking to the vehicle carrying bags. He claims he was nearly run over as the vehicle fled the scene.

Troopers found the vehicle abandoned at the intersection with Three Mile Rd. They found a 29-year-old woman hiding nearby. Bay County Sheriff’s deputies also found a 36 year old man near Baxman Rd. Police say the pair had stolen a variety of items from 20 vehicles, a camper and a garage. They urge residents to lock those items when not in use.

The couple are being held at the Bay County Jail. Anyone with additional information is asked to call the State Police Tri-City Post at (989) 495-5555.