Police Investigate New Tip In Kelly McWhirter Disappearance

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson is asking hunters to be on the lookout this deer season for unusual signs of what could be the potential location of a buried murder victim.

On October 14, Kelly McWhirter and her husband Steve Higgins of Flushing disappeared. Higgins was stopped by police on October 18, and during the traffic stop, shot himself in the head. Police say evidence gathered from their home and two vehicles suggest Higgins killed McWhirter and disposed of her body. Police know McWhirter’s 2022 Hyundai Tucson was taken to Norwalk, Ohio during their disappearance before being returned to mid Michigan. Higgins was also seen at the home of a woman in Prescott in Ogemaw County the day before his traffic stop.

A new tip led police to Skidway Lake, just outside of Prescott. However, after conducting a search and interviews in the area, police have not come up with a location. Hunters in the area are asked to report anything out of the ordinary like disturbed earth or unexplained ruts on a trail by calling 9-1-1.