▶ Watch Video: Ghost guns found at Harlem day care, officials say

NEW YORK – It’s a shocking discovery at a Harlem day care. 

Authorities said Wednesday they recovered ghost guns and 3D printers from Alay’s Day Care on East 117th Street between Park and Madison Avenues in Harlem. Three people were arrested, including an 18-year-old and two minors. 

“This is a heartbreaking scenario: Thinking that you’re dropping your child off to a place of safe haven just to find out that it was a dangerous environment where someone was making a gun inside,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

“It’s important for us to underline that this private residence, located in the 25th precinct, is also a licensed day care operated by the subject’s mother. Inside this day care facility, investigators recovered a 3D printer, 3D printing tools and plastic filament, two completed 3D printed firearms, one 3D printed assault pistol in the final stages of assembly and one additional 3D printed lower receiver,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Of Intelligence And Counterterrorism Rebecca Weiner said. “Some of the purchases were made through fraudulent means, including the alleged identity theft of multiple victims across the United States.”

The discovery comes after another recent tragedy in which a toddler died and three others were sickened due to exposure to fentanyl at a Bronx day care

“Who would’ve thought that we must add to our list of inspections – Do we have 3D printers that can print guns? Do we see the presence of various items like fentanyl and other items?” Adams said. “This is a terrible case… now we’re finding that, in addition to fentanyl, that in a similar setting, we saw the presence of ghost guns and the devices that appear to make those guns.”   

Watch: Officials announce arrest

Adams said he was dismayed at the discovery, and changes must be made. 

“It does not give us any joy in coming here to talk about another case where a home day care provider had children in a dangerous environment,” Adams said. “We just want to really say to the parents who are dropping their children off every day to these centers that we’re going to remain vigilant, that we’re going to continually modify the rules like they have been modified throughout the years to stay ahead of bad people that are doing bad things in environments where our children are.” 

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