▶ Watch Video: Houston raid uncovers 90 people in possible smuggling ring

A 911 call on Friday led to a shocking discovery in a quiet Houston neighborhood. Police found more than 90 migrants packed into a two-story home, which is believed to be part of a human smuggling ring. 

Police said there were no children inside the home and the youngest person was in their early 20s. There were five women and the rest were men. 

The migrants told police they were hungry, while some showed signs of COVID-19. Police said the health department was conducting rapid COVID-19 testing and the migrants would stay in the house for now. 

Police officials stand outside a home in southwest Houston on April 30, 2021.


The stash house discovery is just one of several made in Texas this week. Within a seven-hour period on Wednesday, Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley raided four human smuggling stash houses in one county, finding 52 migrants. On Thursday, agents in Edinburg found a stash house with 27 people inside. 

But it’s not just houses that are part of the smuggling. A few hours later, agents in the Rio Grande Valley found more than 20 migrants hiding in the back of an 18-wheeler as temperatures climbed into the 90s.