Plans Underway to Restore, Redisplay Saginaw “Bean Bunny”

The owner of Saginaw’s iconic bean bunny sign removed it from the top of the Michigan Bean Elevator on N. Niagara last weekend with plans to restore it and eventually put it up for display again. A news release issued Monday said the owner recognizes the sign’s importance as a regional icon and has arranged for safe storage while working with local stakeholders to secure its future.

A group of interested community leaders are working with the owner through the Saginaw Community Foundation on fundraising, and plans to place the sign in the same general area.

source: North Niagara Street Property LLC.
Photo by J.D. Howell

A fund has been established at the Saginaw Community Foundation to support the Bean Bunny sign’s restoration and provide for regular maintenance and secure placement. Donation checks can be made out to the Saginaw Community Foundation referencing the Bean Bunny. Mail checks to Saginaw Community Foundation, 1 Tuscola St., Ste. 100, Saginaw, MI 48607.