A Philadelphia firefighter died in a building collapse following a fire, authorities said Saturday.

The fire was in the area of 300 W. Indiana St. in Fairhill, according to tweets from the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Twitter account. 

The fire had been put out, but a pizzeria at the intersection of West Indiana and North 3rd Street collapsed at 3:24 a.m., according to CBS Philadelphia. The fire resulted in several firefighters and an inspector being trapped. Those rescued were taken to local hospitals.

A press briefing was held with city officials at 7:45 a.m. Authorities said they were working to rescue people who were trapped, but said a 27-year-old veteran was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy.

“Our thoughts are with his friends, family and fellow PFD along with all affected,” fire department posted on their Twitter account. 

The firefighter’s name has not yet been released, and neither has the cause of the fire. Authorities said the “incident” was under control.