People-Focused Astronomy Doc Coming to Delta College Planetarium

The Delta College Planetarium in Downtown Bay City will be premiering an award-winning production based on the largest observatories in South America.

Big Astronomy: People, Places, Discoveries is a new feature looking at observatories and the people who run them- travels to three world-class observatories in Chile’s rugged Andes Mountains, the arid Atacama Desert, and other extreme regions with conditions perfect for astronomical research.

Sightseers will learn about astronomers, engineers, technicians, and the support staff who keep these mega star-gazing machines running.

Planetarium Manager Mike Murray says when we think of big astronomy, we tend to think of big telescopes… But it’s the people who make the discoveries; It takes a team of people with diverse backgrounds and skills to make a world-class observatory succeed.

The show opens this Friday, March 4th, around 2pm as part of the planetarium extended March schedule- with different titles playing Wednesday through Saturday afternoons.

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