▶ Watch Video: Escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante spotted twice in Chester County search area: police

Escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante was spotted two more times on Friday within the densely wooded area law enforcement has been searching, Pennsylvania State Police confirmed on Saturday morning.

The hunt for the convicted killer headed into the tenth day since the 34-year-old convicted murderer escaped from a Pennsylvania prison on Aug. 31.

Police released surveillance footage showing Cavalcante using a crab-walk to climb up the prison’s wall until he disappeared from view. He escaped from the exercise yard to the roof area, which is the same escape route that another inmate, Igor Bolte, used on May 19, officials said. 

There have been six confirmed sightings of him in the search radius in the days since his escape, police said. The search area now runs from Conservatory Rd. to State Route 52 and Street Rd. to Longwood Rd, police said. 

Cavalcante, who is “considered an extremely dangerous man,” was convicted of first-degree murder on Aug. 16 for fatally stabbing his 33-year-old former girlfriend in April 2021. Her family has been notified of Cavalcante’s escape, authorities said during a news conference. He’s also wanted for a homicide in Brazil.

A $20,000 award has been offered for information leading to Cavalcante’s arrest. 

Reporting contributed by Aliza Chazan