Pat’s Perfect Pigskin Prognostications 2022

This is where you can hear the award-winning segment from The Morning Team Show.

Each week, I’ll post the latest Pat’s Perfect Pigskin Prognostication segment right after it has aired on the show. I’ll also provide some bonus picks as a thank you for visiting the page, and also to help guide you in your prognosticating efforts every football weekend.


PPPP Overall Record in 2022: 12-3

The PPPP for September 22, 2022:

Here are my picks:

MSU OVER Minnesota–29-27 (L)

Michigan OVER Maryland–42-17 (W)

Vikings OVER Lions–31-28 (W)

Bonus Picks:

Penn State OVER CMU–45-14 (PSU Covers 27 pt. spread) (W)

Bucs OVER Packers–23-21 (L)

Bills OVER Dolphins–34-28 (L)

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The PPPP for September 15, 2022:

Here are my picks:

MSU OVER Washington–31-28 (L)

Michigan OVER UCONN–55-10 (W)

Detroit Lions OVER Washington Commanders–30-26 (W)

Bonus Picks:

Kansas City Chiefs over L.A. Chargers–34-27 (W)

Penn State OVER Auburn–28-22 (W)

Miami Dolphins OVER Baltimore Ravens–21-18 (W)

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The PPPP for September 8, 2022:

Here are my picks:

L.A. Rams OVER Buffalo Bills–34-24 (L)

MSU OVER Akron–42-13 (W)

Michigan OVER Hawaii–59-3 (W)

Philadelphia Eagles OVER Detroit Lions–31-27 (W)

Bonus Picks:

CMU OVER Southern Alabama–38-30 (L)

Florida OVER Kentucky–28-26 (L)

L.A. Chargers OVER Las Vegas Raiders–33-24 (W)

Minnesota Vikings OVER Green Bay Packers–24-20 (W)

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The PPPP for September 1, 2022:

Here are my picks:


SVSU OVER West Virginia-Wesleyan–33-12 (W)

Oklahoma State OVER CMU–38-28 (W)

Penn State OVER Purdue–27-17 (W)

MSU Over Western Michigan–45-17 (W)

Michigan OVER Colorado State–49-14 (W)

Bonus Picks:

Ohio State OVER Notre Dame–35-21 (W)

Georgia OVER Oregon–33-23 (W)

TCU OVER Colorado–31-18 (W)

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