Pat’s Perfect Pigskin Prognostications 2022

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Each week, I’ll post the latest Pat’s Perfect Pigskin Prognostication segment right after it has aired on the show. I’ll also provide some bonus picks as a thank you for visiting the page, and also to help guide you in your prognosticating efforts every football weekend.


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PPPP Overall Record in 2022: 53-26

The PPPP for February 9, 2023: I batted .500 with my conference championship picks. This is my final prediction of the season. I’ve got to make it count! I’ve supplied some other “Super Bowl Prop Bets” as well.

You can hear Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12th beginning at 5pm on 100.5FM Newsradio WSGW!

Again, my pick is: Eagles OVER Chiefs-29-24

Charlie Rood pick: Eagles OVER Chiefs–24-20

Art Lewis pick: Chiefs OVER Eagles–27-24

Pat’s Prop Bets:

Coin Toss: Heads

Eagles will be first team to call a Timeout

National Anthem performed by Chris Stapleton will last: 2-minutes-and-1 second

Andy Reid will be first coach shown during the anthem.

Gronk misses his FanDuel FG kick

Three commercials will feature dogs

Which company will be shown first on a commercial: Meta, Amazon, or Google. I say…Amazon

Budweiser commercial before Heineken

How many times will commissioner Roger Goodell be shown: 4 times

Color Gatorade poured on winning coach: Blue

Which song Rihanna song will be first: “Umbrella”

How many songs will Rihanna sing? 6

Thanks for listening to another fun season of Pat’s Perfect Pigskin Prognostications!

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The PPPP for January 26, 2023: I’m pleased with my 3-1 record in the NFL Divisional week, but I’m overdue for perfection. I guarantee that happens on the Conference Championship Week!

My Picks:


Give me the Eagles OVER the Niners–27-26!


Give me the Bengals OVER the Bills–28-24!!!

The PPPP for January 19, 2023: My fifth straight 1-loss week! At least I’m consistent! Maybe picking all four NFL Divisional Round games will lead to perfection? Or not! Time to change things this week! Enjoy!

Here are my picks:

 Chiefs OVER the Jags–41-17

 G-Men OVER the Eagles–24-21

 Bengals OVER the Bills–28-24

 Niners OVER the Cowboys–30-17


The PPPP for January 12, 2023: My THIRD straight one-loss week. I’m due for perfection!


The PPPP for January 5, 2023: My second straight 2-2 week. Time to change things this week!

Here are my picks:

Georgia OVER TCU–43-28

Seattle OVER L.A. Rams–28-23

Packers OVER Lions–30-23

The PPPP for December 22, 2022: Another 2-1 record the previous week. I’m picking four games this Christmas weekend, hoping to finally go undefeated for the first time in a few weeks.

Here are my picks:

Minnesota Vikings OVER NY Giants–28-20 (Kirk Cousins remains on-fire as the Vikings put Giants’ playoff hopes in jeopardy)

Pittsburgh Steelers OVER Las Vegas Raiders–30-20 (Steelers win this for Franco Harris)

Miami Dolphins OVER Green Bay Packers–31-27 (Tua and the Dolphins put the Pack away…for good)

Detroit Lions OVER Carolina Panthers–28-17 (Lions offense returns with more touchdowns to lift Detroit above .500 mark)


Jacksonville Jaguars OVER NY Jets–22-21

Kansas City Chiefs (-10) Against Seattle Seahawks

L.A. Chargers (-4) Against Indianapolis Colts

College Football:

Wisconsin OVER Oklahoma State–31-28

Buffalo Bulls OVER Georgia Southern–38-31

The PPPP for December 16, 2022: Another 2-1 record the previous week. We aim for perfection this week!

The PPPP for December 8, 2022: So very close to another perfect week.

Again, here are my picks for this week:

Go Navy! Beat Army–20-17 (Navy’s run defense stifles Army)

Buffalo Bills OVER the Jets–26-14 (Bills are too much for the Jets

Detroit Lions OVER Minnesota Vikings–30-27 (Lions take a giant leap towards playoff contention)



The PPPP for December 1, 2022: Another week of pure perfection!

Can I make it back-to-back weeks of pure perfection? I’m challenging myself with four games. Plus, I’m giving you some bonus picks this week with all of the college conference championship games, and intriguing NFL matchups!

Again, here are my picks:

Ohio OVER Toledo in the MAC Championship–33-29 (L–Toledo prevails in low scoring affair)

Cincinnati Bengals OVER Kansas City Chiefs–31-26 (W–Burrows out-duels Mahomes)

Michigan Wolverines OVER Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten Championship–41-17 (W–Michigan marches on to the Final Four!)

Detroit Lions OVER Jacksonville Jaguars–29-27 (W–OK, The Lions put the game away early. Who are these guys?)

BONUS Picks: 

USC OVER Utah–35-31 (L–Trojans didn’t show up)

TCU OVER Kansas State–29-24 (L–Spirited win by K-State)

NY Jets OVER Minnesota Vikings–21-18 (UPSET SPECIAL!!!) (L–Jets had chances to fulfill my prediction)

Tennessee Titans (+5.5) against Philadelphia Eagles (Eagles embarrassed me and the Titans!)

Washington Commanders OVER NY Giants–23-15 (It ended in a tie. Perfect conclusion to my epic bonus picks failure!)

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The PPPP for November 24, 2022

Again, my picks this week:

Buffalo Bills OVER Detroit Lions–34-32 (Lions keep it close and competitive, but Josh Allen gets the win) (W)

Penn State OVER MSU–38-10 (A rough end to a trying season for Coach Mel Tucker and his Spartans) (W)

Michigan OVER Ohio State–30-26 ( I have to stick with my prediction that Michigan goes 12-0 this season. This team is better than last year’s team, and I still think the Wolverines are the more physical team) (W)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll give you a slew of bonus picks next week! –Pat

Update on November 30, 2022:

Another perfect week! I’ll brag more tomorrow morning at 8:40am on The Morning Team. It’s scary how right I turned-out to be last week. And I told you this year’s Wolverines were better!

The PPPP for November 18, 2022–Better last week!

Again, my picks this week:

MSU OVER INDIANA–34-14 (Spartans win to become bowl eligible) (L–Bad Loss For Spartans)

Michigan OVER Illinois–33-13 (Michigan overpowers Illini, setting up next week’s highly anticipated THE GAME) (W–WHEW!)

NY Giants OVER Detroit LIONS–23-21 (Lions proved me wrong last week. Can they make it three straight wins?) (W–Who Are These Lions?)


Penn State (-19) Against Rutgers (W)

Maryland (+27) Against  Ohio State (W)

Cleveland (+7.5) against Buffalo (L)

NY Jets OVER New England–20-16 (L)

Minnesota OVER Dallas–27-21 (L–Dallas just scored another TD!)


The PPPP for November 10, 2022–A humbling week for your prolific prognosticator.

Let’s right the ship this week with these picks:

MSU OVER Rutgers–30-19 (W)

Michigan OVER Nebraska–42-13 (W)

Chicago Bears OVER Detroit Lions–29-24 (L–Lions proved me wrong!)


Mississippi (+11) AGAINST Alabama (W)

Mississippi St (+16) AGAINST Georgia (L)

Minnesota Vikings OVER Buffalo Bills–23-21 (W!)

Seattle Seahawks OVER Tampa Bay Buccaneers–26-24 (L)

The PPPP for November 3, 2022–Two straight weeks of perfection. Do I hear three?

Illinois OVER MSU–33-13

Michigan OVER Rutgers–38-13

Tennessee OVER Georgia–34-33

Saints OVER Ravens–24-20

Packers OVER Lions–27-24


Ohio State (-37) OVER Northwestern

Purdue (-4.5) OVER Iowa

Notre Dame OVER Clemson (UPSET SPECIAL!!!)

Kansas City OVER Tennessee–28-20

Seattle (+2) OVER Arizona–26-23 (Believing in the Hawks!)

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The PPPP for October 27, 2022–Perfection Returns! Here are my picks, including the UM/MSU Contest:

Ohio State OVER Penn State–34-26 (Buckeyes pull-away late) (W)

Michigan OVER MSU–45-17 (Michigan is too much for Spartans this year) (W)

Miami Dolphins OVER Detroit Lions–27-23 (Lions fight, but fins make plays down the stretch) (W)


Tennessee OVER Kentucky–42-35 (W)

Oklahoma St OVER Kansas St–47-32 (L–K.State won 48-0! Kinda got that wrong!!!)

Seattle Seahawks OVER NY Giants–27-17 (W)

Cleveland Browns OVER  Cincinnati Bengals–28-23 (UPSET SPECIAL!) (W)


The PPPP for October 20, 2022–Need a bounce-back week!

SVSU OVER Wayne State–38-12 (W)

Jets OVER Broncos–26-14 (W)

Dallas Cowboys OVER Detroit Lions–38-20 (W)


Texas OVER Oklahoma City–35-32 (W)

Oregon OVER UCLA–33-30 (W)

San Francisco 49ers OVER Kansas City Chiefs–27-24 (L)

Pittsburgh Steelers OVER Miami Dolphins–26-24 (L)

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The PPPP for October 13, 2022 (Five more picks this week!!!):

Not a very good week for me! -Pat–10/20/22

Wisconsin OVER MSU–21-20 (How will MSU lose this one?) (L)

Alabama OVER Tennessee 27-24 (As always, Tide find a way) (L)

Kansas City Chiefs OVER Buffalo Bills–33-30 (Not picking against the Chiefs at home) (L)

Philadelphia Eagles OVER Dallas Cowboys–28-25 (Dallas fights, but Philly prevails) (W)

Michigan OVER Penn State–28-20 (Michigan pulls-away late to remain undefeated) (W)


Florida St. OVER Clemson–35-31 (UPSET SPECIAL) (L)

Green Bay OVER NY Giants–27-21 (L)

Cleveland Browns OVER New England Patriots–20-18 (L)

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The PPPP for October 6, 2022 (Five picks this week!):

TCU OVER Kansas–35-30 (Kansas battles, but TCU prevails late) (W)

Ohio State OVER MSU–42-17 (Buckeyes pass all over MSU’s weak pass D) (W)

Michigan OVER Indiana–38-16 (Wolverines get job done before showdown with PSU next week) (W)

Dallas Cowboys OVER L.A. Rams–23-20 (Go CMU’s Cooper Rush! Fire Up!) (W)

New England Patriots OVER Detroit Lions–26-24 (Lions D has to prove it can make stops) (W–PERFECTION ACHIEVED!)


SVSU OVER Ferris St.–33-31 (MAJOR UPSET ALERT!) (L–Cards almost did it!)

UCLA OVER Utah–31-28 (W–The Bruins are back?)

Green Bay Packers OVER NY Giants–26-21 (L–London did not call on the Packers to show up)

Cincinnati Bengals OVER Baltimore Ravens–24-23 (L–Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker ever)

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The PPPP for September 29, 2022

Here are my picks for the week:

Maryland OVER MSU–34-24 (W)

Michigan OVER Iowa–31-10 (W)

Detroit Lions OVER Seattle Seahawks–23-18 (L)

  • Maryland’s got a talented offense while MSU’s pass defense is in shambles. Plus, it’s a road game for the Spartans.
  • Michigan goes into hostile territory for the first time this year. Wolverines defense ought to dominate an anemic Hawkeyes offense.
  • The Lions have injury issues, but the home crowd helps the defense step-up and secure a victory.


CMU OVER Toledo–30-28 (UPSET SPECIAL!) (L–Not Even Close!)

Cincinatti Bengals OVER Miami Dolphins–27-20 (Thursday night) (W)

Minnesota OVER Purdue–29-26 (Boilermakers keep within 12 1/2 point spread) (L–EPIC FAIL PICK!)

Baltimore Ravens OVER Buffalo Bills–28-24 (L)

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The PPPP for September 22, 2022:

Here are my picks:

MSU OVER Minnesota–29-27 (L)

Michigan OVER Maryland–42-17 (W)

Vikings OVER Lions–31-28 (W)

Bonus Picks:

Penn State OVER CMU–45-14 (PSU Covers 27 pt. spread) (W)

Bucs OVER Packers–23-21 (L)

Bills OVER Dolphins–34-28 (L)

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The PPPP for September 15, 2022:

Here are my picks:

MSU OVER Washington–31-28 (L)

Michigan OVER UCONN–55-10 (W)

Detroit Lions OVER Washington Commanders–30-26 (W)

Bonus Picks:

Kansas City Chiefs over L.A. Chargers–34-27 (W)

Penn State OVER Auburn–28-22 (W)

Miami Dolphins OVER Baltimore Ravens–21-18 (W)

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The PPPP for September 8, 2022:

Here are my picks:

L.A. Rams OVER Buffalo Bills–34-24 (L)

MSU OVER Akron–42-13 (W)

Michigan OVER Hawaii–59-3 (W)

Philadelphia Eagles OVER Detroit Lions–31-27 (W)

Bonus Picks:

CMU OVER Southern Alabama–38-30 (L)

Florida OVER Kentucky–28-26 (L)

L.A. Chargers OVER Las Vegas Raiders–33-24 (W)

Minnesota Vikings OVER Green Bay Packers–24-20 (W)

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The PPPP for September 1, 2022:

Here are my picks:


SVSU OVER West Virginia-Wesleyan–33-12 (W)

Oklahoma State OVER CMU–38-28 (W)

Penn State OVER Purdue–27-17 (W)

MSU Over Western Michigan–45-17 (W)

Michigan OVER Colorado State–49-14 (W)

Bonus Picks:

Ohio State OVER Notre Dame–35-21 (W)

Georgia OVER Oregon–33-23 (W)

TCU OVER Colorado–31-18 (W)

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