Pat's Perfect NFL Picks–Week 9 Edition

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Pat Football

It’s 6:44am on WSGW’s First Day, and that can only mean one thing.

That’s right! It’s time for the most prestigious three-minutes in Sunday News/Talk radio. It’s time for “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW!

The dismal 2013 season for my prognosticating abilities marches-on as I finished with a lackluster 1-2 record last week.  Again, the Detroit Lions hurt me with that last second touchdown drive by Matt Stafford against the Cowboys.

My overall record is now 11-13.

More weeks like this and I’m going to retire.

And the crowd goes wild!!!

Alright, let’s see if we can finally reverse my recent bad fortunes.  Here is the Week 9 edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks!”

ChargersIn our nation’s capital, Washington hosts the San Diego Chargers.  Washington stuck with the Denver Broncos in the Rockies for a half, and then Peyton Manning took over the game to make it a blow-out.  However, Washington’s offense and quarterback Robert Griffin III have started to play a bit better, and that probably explains why they’re slight favorites over the Bolts.  I understand that teams flying to the East Coast tend to struggle, but the Chargers didn’t seem to have a rough time beating Philly earlier in the year.  Besides, Philip Rivers is the better quarterback, and I’m going with him even though San Diego isn’t the greatest of road teams.


baltimoreravensThe original Cleveland Browns play the somewhat new Cleveland Browns.  The Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens visit the Browns today in a game the Ravens desperately need to overcome the proverbial Super Bowl hangover.  The Ravens have struggled thus far–especially Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.  The quarterback isn’t having a great season, and playing a stout Brownies defense won’t help his cause.  But the Browns are the Browns.  Newly acquired quarterback Jason Campbell will try to give the Brownies a fighting chance, and he will. It won’t be enough, though, as the Ravens prevail in big division game.


KansasCityChiefsFinally, no Detroit Lions game to pick this week since it’s their bye week.  That means I have to find another game to select.  Let’s see…No!  I will not pick the Steelers-Patriots game because Tom Brady loves to feast on my Steelers defense, which isn’t playing like its old self.  I say we travel to Buffalo where the Bills battle the 8-0 Kansas City Chiefs.  The Bills aren’t a very good football squad, but they have beaten Cincinnati and almost beat New England at home.  The Chiefs are winning, but winning a bit ugly.  This is there last game before a bye week, and they need this one because Denver’s on their schedule twice in the second half of the season.  This is gonna be a close one, but I’ll give it to the Chiefs.


That’s the Week 9 edition of Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks on WSGW’s First Day!!!



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